Poppy Kneecaps

This week’s skater of the week is POPPY KNEECAPS!. She is doing a great job skating in her first season with us in our new team “The Broadside Brawlers”. We get to know what motivates her right here!10603352_10152676386832287_7900965768380738060_n

How did you get into derby?
I wanted to skate and learn how to play derby so I joined PCR Freshmeat. I had no expectation that I could develop enough to pass the skills test and to play. But the further into it I got, and the harder it became, the more I wanted to pass and to be able to play bouts.

What is the story behind your name and number? 
My other alter ego is Poppy Porcelain and I wanted to stick with Poppy. I like the humour from adding my number 0UT, I hope that most people when they read it quickly read it as Pop ya kneecaps out. It’s funny though, because when I chose it I had no intention of it being assumed that it was ‘out’ as in ‘gay out’ but if the skate fits then I guess I’d better wear it.

What are your derby goals for the future?
I take it one week at a time. Each week that I keep turning up for training is another week closer to being eligible to play at the next bout. Playing bouts is about the best thing there is. It’s addictive. It’s fun. It’s what keeps me in derby.

What is the greatest thing you take away from derby?
There’s a joke, a saying, “Roller Derby Saved My Soul.” I’m not sure that my soul ever needed saving, but whatever part of me was saved I owe a big chunk of it to Roller Derby.

What is your secret talent/hobby outside of derby?
I love to cook for people that I love, and I especially love to cook with a glass of wine in my hand. If I can do that then it’s about as good as it gets.