Pirate Profile: Suenami Stryker

In this week’s Pirate Profile, Suenami Stryker airs her dirty laundry and shares her most embarrassing on-track moment. I wish we had a photo!


Muggle name: Letisha Tan

Derby number: 131

Role: Travel team skater

No. years involved in derby: 1.5 years



What’s your roller derby backstory?

It started on the ramps. My friend Lynzy was doing derby in Hong Kong and she told me all about quad skating. I used to do aggressive inlines as a kid and, where I grew up, there were hardly any female skaters. I met my new tribe that summer day on the ramps and I did my first drop-in on quads (with Nanny McFreak holding my hand). The same bunch were doing Fresh Meat and I caught the derby bug.

How did you come to choose your derby name and number?

My middle name is Sue and I have a little tic that makes me do little twirls sometimes like a tidal wave hence the name Suenami. But it gets fearsome on track and unstoppable when Suenami Strykes. 131 represents my birthday, 13 October.

How do you spend your time outside of roller derby?

I enjoy travelling and being in nature. I also have a fluffy bichon cross maltese called Moochi.

What do you do in real life?

I run a busy financial advisory and insurance brokerage service. What can I say? Straight laced by day and a Stryker by night? Sounds like a character off Marvel. Yes, not your typical financial advisor.

What keeps you coming back every week?

The team. I have met some of the most inspiring and strong women in our derby family that I am proud to surround myself with. Also the challenge as a jammer trying to pry through different walls and working with my team to learn from each player’s perspective.

Has anything funny/embarrassing ever happened to you trackside/ on track? Tell us!

It was during a major selection trial and I was in a hurry to get on track. Alas, the strap of my unzipped bag caught my wheels and out spewed my dirty laundry (bra included) on track as I carried on skating. Lesson learnt: always check around to make sure there is no booby trap!



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