Pirate Profile: Mind the Yap


Derby name: Mind the Yap

Muggle name: Szelin Yap

Role: All Scar blocker

Period involved in derby: 3 seasons as an All Scar. Half a season as Brawler.



How did you get into roller derby?

My friend at work (Pei-Pei) played. I went to watch and fell in love!


What has been your most memorable moment or biggest achievement in derby.

Playing in the Big O. There were so many top level teams. It was unbelievable that I was in the same tournament as them!


What do you do when you’€™re not on skates?

Hang out with animals. Go to gigs. Party with my friends


Has anything embarrassing happened to you on the track OR Do you have a secret party trick?

There is a famous photo of me clothes-lining the opposition! Funny thing is it was a total accident, I just turned around and got stuck.


What’s your current skate set-up?

Bont quadstars with avengers. Gumball toestops. Radar bullets. Soft cushions. Black laces


What do you do in real life?

Fertility nursing. I got someone pregnant with twins the other day!


What’€™s your spirit animal?



What’€™s your idea of a perfect celebration meal after a game?

Pizza! Hell’s pizza to be specific

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