Pirate Profile: Evil

In today’s Pirate Profile, we introduce you to the purest form of evil: our junior skater, Evil!



Derby name: Evil

Muggle name: Eve Moon

Derby number: 668

Role: Junior skater

No. years involved in derby: 1y



What’s your roller derby backstory?

Basically, I tried my friend’s roller skates and I thought it was really fun. So I got my own pair for my birthday.  I joined because I saw my mum doing roller derby and I wanted to do it too.


How did you come to choose your derby name and number?

I chose my derby name because Evil sounds like Eve, and is scary! My dad suggested my number, because it’s the ‘number of the beast’.


How do you spend your time outside of roller derby?

School, circus (my specialty is the Lyra), basketball, reading and of course skating. Some people have commented that I may sleep in my skates……


What do you do in real life?

Roller derby.  :-)


What keeps you coming back every week?

It’s fun!


What’s your most memorable roller derby moment?

Probably when I first started skating on my own roller skates. I can still remember it…it felt great. It felt like it was my thing!

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