Pirate Profile: Blockness Monster


Derby name: Blockness Monster

Muggle name: Vanessa Rancour

Role: All Scar jammer

Period involved in derby: Since 2015



How did you get into roller derby?

I was a figure skater, then a martial artist, and roller derby just seemed like the the right fit to put together my interests and talents. Also helped that I had a friend in the league who helped me sort out joining Freashmeat late…

Can you remember your first game? Describe it!

I flew into Napier with the Broadside Brawlers travel team just after I made the squad, and I was given MVP Jammer for the game – I was fairly stoked.

What has been your most memorable moment or biggest achievement in derby.

Most memorable moment was just after my first few months of being on the Broadside Brawlers travel team -we traveled to Okinawa for the Japan Open Tournament and we were named the champions of Div B.

Has anything embarrassing happened to you on the track OR Do you have a secret party trick?

I have probably repressed the answer to this question.

What’s your current skate set-up?

Bont boot, Avenger plate, Mota Monster toe stops, 88/93 Reckless Morph wheels, soft blue cushions

What do you do in real life?

Stardome Observatory and Planetarium educator

What’€™s your spirit animal?

The Loch Ness Monster

What’€™s your idea of a perfect celebration meal after a game?

Cliff bar and smoothie

When was the last time you went out past midnight? (RIP…… social life)

When we played a bout in Whakatane the night before our PCR Junior Scallywag Open Day at 9am…

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