10394508_10152551058237287_716533404070311100_n1.When did you start derby and what were your initial motivations for taking it up as a sport?

I started Freshmeat mid 2011 and then joined the league and began playing in 2012. I went to my first Pirate City Rollers game in 2009 and was blown away by the speed and aggression, and also found appeal in how unique Roller Derby was and that it was a sport in which females dominated. I was to chicken to join freshmeat at the time so a couple years passed before I joined with my bestie Lady Trample. I always want to improve and be a better player than I currently am, so I am constantly kicking myself for not starting to skate earlier.

2. What is the meaning behind your name and number?

I Major in Anthropology and Minor in Ancient History and I really love Ancient Egypt. It seemed obvious to pick a derby name that was reflective of my interests so I went with TutanKarnage which is a play on Tutankhamun, an Egyptian pharaoh from the eighteenth dynasty (which is why my skater number is 18). Typically I just go by Karnage as it’s less of a mouthful.

3. What is the greatest thing you have taken away from derby to date?

Derby has given me so much, so it would be hard to choose just one thing. Derby has given me some amazing lifelong friends that I otherwise might have never met. It has given me self-confidence and the drive to improve and push myself. It has also taken me overseas to Hawaii and to Australia as well as around New Zealand.

4.What are some of your personal strengths and how have these benefited you in derby?

I like to think that I am a strategic thinker which translates on the track as being able to read opposition game play and then suggesting how to best combat it. I’m also quite an observant person which helps me pick up on habits and body cues of opposition, as well as being able to observe and play on the strengths in my team mates.

5.Roller derby has been considered one of the fastest growing female sports. Where do you see the future of derby?

For New Zealand roller derby I would love to see more, if not all roller derby leagues become WFTDA (Womens Flat Track Derby Association) members, the benefits of becoming WFTDA members are immense including the ability to become internationally ranked. I would also like to see regular international game play for New Zealand leagues. Playing different teams is important for the improvement of strategy, game play and skills, because New Zealand is a small and relatively isolated country, playing international teams does not happen as often as I’d like.
Ideally the biggest goal for roller derby would be to see it performed on a global scale such as at the Olympics. I would love to see international and local derby players be able to go professional and make full time careers out of the sport. Roller Derby is not yet recognised as a sport in New Zealand and it is important to me that the sport that I love gets the respect and recognition it deserves.

Stone Cold Beretta


How long have you been involved with Roller Derby?
I went to a Pirate City Rollers open day in August 2011 after attending one of the games earlier in the year. I came away with legs like jelly and a desire to get involved. I went through the freshmeat course, which was both challenging and satisfying. Once I was in the league in 2012, Mascara Massacre asked me to play with them for their last few games of the year. I stayed in the team and played with them all through 2013, and now theres a brand new team to be a part of.

What does Roller Derby mean to you?
Roller derby is a fantastic way to exercise, working out both body and mind – learning strategy and putting it into play is one of the challenges of the sport and it compliments the physical aspect. I really enjoy working on elements of skating and seeing them improve, derby is also a great way to relieve stress!
It’s a very social sport, both within a league and between leagues in other cities and countries.

You’re the alternate Captain of the new team, whats been the biggest challenge in setting up the new team?
Working on strategy I think, deciding on our team strategies and practising them. We’ve been helping each other understand and really trying to communicate on the track. The team is picking everything up really quickly and we’re all enjoying working as a team.

What about this first game excites you most?
It’s going to be amazing for our team! It will be the first game for a couple of the girls, so I’m excited that we can be there to support them and I’m sure we will all have a great time!

BATTLE FOR PRIDE: Pirate City vs Vagine Regime Aotearoa


The country’s number one roller derby league, the Pirate City Rollers, are proud to host a charity match for Rainbow Youth during the Auckland Pride Festival, Saturday, February 15th.

The roller derby community has a long history of queer celebration and support, and the Pirate City Rollers are proud to team up with Pride to hold this game.

They’ll take on Vagine Regime Aotearoa, New Zealand’s team of elite LGBT skaters. Vagine Regime are make up of a stellar group of skaters from throughout the country, including Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Palmerston North.

A portion of the proceeds for this match will go to Rainbow Youth, an Auckland-based organisation providing support, information, advocacy and education for queer and trans* young people (aged between 13 and 28), their friends and whānau, and those who work with queer and trans* youth..

WHO: PCR vs Vagine Regime Aotearoa
WHEN: Saturday February 15th
WHERE: YMCA Pitt Street, Auckland.
TICKETS: $15+bf online at Under the Radar, $20 on the door. Discounted ticket prices for children under 12.


team nz

After intensive try-outs in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland to join the Team New Zealand training squad for the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup, the line-up has finally been revealed!

Congratulations to the Pirate City Rollers skaters who made the cut: Terror Satana, Skate the Muss, Lady Trample, Coup D’eTalia, and Fia Fase Oe, who was also one of the side’s three selectors along with coach Pieces of Hate and fellow selector Zephyr.

Make sure you congratulate them when you next see them on the track!

team nz

All Scars

2015 All Scars Roster

Coup D’e Talia
Daphne Hui
Kid Vicious
Lady Trample
LEE-thal Weapon
Machete Confetti
Mind the Yap
Miss Crunchbull
Stone Cold Beretta
Sugar Hit

2015 All Scars reserves

Ballistic Button
Firefly Spirit
Mad Kao
Manic Street Creature
Pash Malice
PNut Butt-Her & Jam
Schro Ding Her

2014 All Scars Travel Team scores

2013 All Scars Travel Team scores
February PCR 192 v Richter City Roller Derby (Wellington) 194
March PCR 276 v Dead End Derby (Christchurch) 74
May PCR 189 v Richter City Roller Derby (Wellington) 223
July PCR 162 v Victorian Roller Derby League’s Queen Bees (Melbourne, Aus) 202
July PCR 252 v Pacific Roller Derby (Hawaii, USA) 58
August PCR 80 v Northern Brisbane (Brisbane, Aus) 211

October Derby Royale national tournament
PCR 153 v Dead End Derby (Christchurch) 21
PCR 212 v Hellmilton Roller Ghouls (Hamilton) 18
PCR 302 v Taranaki Roller Corps (Taranaki) 19
PCR 211 v Kawerau Roller Derby (Kawerau) 17
PCR 134 v Swamp City Roller Rats (Palmerston North) 58
PCR 279 v Auckland Roller Derby League (Auckland) 120













The Pirate City Rollers' All Scars v Sydney at TGSS 2012
The Pirate City Rollers’ All Scars v Sydney at TGSS 2012

The Pirate City Rollers are heading to the 2014 Great Southern Slam (TGSS)! It’s been called the world’s biggest roller derby event by Derby News Network, with 30 leagues from throughout New Zealand and Australia competing at the 2012 tournament in Adelaide.

The All Scars put on a good showing at the first ever TGSS in 2010, coming fourth out of 16 leagues. In 2012 the All Scars faced tough opponents in Northern Brisbane, Brisbane City, Wollongong and Sydney, and made it to the quarter finals before finishing in a respectable eighth place.

After international bouting experience against Hawaii, VRDL’s Queen Bees, and Northern Brisbane Rollers in 2013, and taking out the NZ Derby Royale national tournament undefeated in 2013, the All Scars are aiming high for the 2014 TGSS and can’t wait to fly over for the tournament!

Day One and Day Two recaps of the 2012 TGSS are here

We’d dearly appreciate any and all help from friends and fans to get there – contact us at pr@piratecityrollers.com. Keep up with us on Facebook for up-to-the-minute updates here.