Terror Satana

10394470_10152455292782287_8225308753639075917_nHow long have you been involved with Roller Derby?
I have been involved with PCR and Roller Derby since 2006, so almost 8 years.

What does Roller Derby mean to you?
Roller Derby means a lot to me hence being involved for so long haha!
It is a way of life now really. You just make it work and fit in with regular day to day life. It has been awesome to be a part of such rad sport and watch it evolve in NZ. I think even when I’m old and decrepit I’ll still be involved some way or another.

This is the third time you’ve attended TGSS, what do you expect from the competition?
It will be tough and challenging I’m sure. Oz is filled with amazing, talented athletes and are not to be underestimated.
TGSS is such an awesome experience and I’m super stoked to be attending again

Is there anything you would like to say on behalf of the team?
The All Scars have been training extremely hard.
We love TGSS and know how talented the skaters we will playing against are. We will not be underestimating any teams we are up against.
The team can’t wait to have an absolute blast! These tournaments are always amazing learning experiences and we get to meet really amazing people.

Rick O’Shay


10481748_10152522001102287_3486193436909038620_nTell us about how you first got involved with Roller Derby?

I’m afraid it’s not a terribly exciting story to tell. In fact, it’s quite the cliché. I was living in Dunedin at the time and a couple of friends of mine found out about a freshmeat course that was about to begin with Dunedin Derby. (And yes I had recently seen Whip It). Long story short, they left the sport soon after joining but my inability to not see things through to the end meant I stayed. I had to conquer this challenge of freshmeat. Over time I became more and more passionate/addicted/obsessed about derby. And well, here I am today, with the awesome Pirates!

How has it been transferring from DD – Dunedin Derby to Pirate City Rollers?

If you have ever been involved in the sport of roller derby, you will know that a derby league is more than just a bunch of skaters. Leagues function as families, and these families exists across NZ and the world. Leaving Dunedin, and therefore leaving my first league was a bizarre experience. I was leaving what had become my derby family to sign up with a new family. Odd right? No? Maybe just me. Anyway, to further my anxieties of transferring leagues, I was attempting to transfer to the one of the TOP leagues in NZ. Those who know me, know that I am somewhat of a ridiculous individual, so what were the big scary pirates going to say when this ridiculous individual turned up to one of their trainings? To be honest, I almost didn’t go into the arena to attend my first training, except for the fact that Ruby snapped me sitting in my car. So there was no backing out at that point (unless I wanted to be forever branded as ‘that creep’ from Dunedin Derby). So I attended the required trainings over the coming weeks and was voted in as a skater. I was ready to train hard, play hard and warm the bench whenever needed, and I was going do a real good job of warming that bench too. So imagine my shock when I was named as an All Scar for the 2014 season! Only a month or two in and it already felt like I had been with the Pirates for years, I was a pirate! I love this league and I encourage anyone who is looking to partake in roller derby in Auckland, to come give us a visit.

What has been your most exciting Roller Derby memory thus far?

AHHH no, my answer is going to be a total cop-out. Apologies in advance cause I don’t have a specific memory that ranks as the ‘most exciting’. Derby is made up of so many exciting moments! I guess the greatest moments in derby are when you walk away from a game, or a training knowing that you have achieved. Whether you played a great game, your team worked really well together, or simply that you learned or improved a skill; nothing beats that thrill and satisfaction… Oh no wait! I got one! Being named an All Scar and my very first All Scar game being against my former team, DDs ‘Gallow Lasses’. One of the BEST games of derby I have ever played!

What is your favourite move and why?

I don’t really have a favourite move as such. But in lieu of a favourite move, I’ll say anytime you see someone do anything, or help a teammate to do anything to stop the other jammer getting points and get their own jammer points is pretty much a win. Another win move? Not faceplanting or embarrassing myself is a general win. This one time, at TGSS, I got a chair caught on my wheel and partially dragged it on the track with me….twice. Shame on my face.

Any words to people who are thinking about trying Roller Derby?

The incredible thing about roller derby is that it is an entry level sport. Anyone of any age, fitness, gender, experience, ANYONE can pick up this sport. It has a great support network and is just generally an amazing community to be a part of. In saying that, be prepared to turn up with a ton of determination, dedication and drive. This is the fastest growing female sport and it is fiercely competitive. You will train the hardest you have ever trained, you will surprise yourself, and you will become addicted.

Shro Ding Her


How long have you been involved with Roller Derby?

I’ve been skating for two years now. I watched my first game in May of 2012 and joined Freshmeat the next week! Last year was my first bouting year as part of Dead Wreckoning.

What does Roller Derby mean to you?

Roller Derby is my second home. It’s a physical challenge I’ve never faced before- nor never dreamed I would! It’s belonging to a sisterhood, a community, world wide. It’s the strategy of chess and the physicality of rugby.

This is the first game as a new team, whats the team most excited about?

We’re pretty excited about playing as a team for the first time. We’ve been practising our lines and strategies, working on knowing each other on the track. Our Parrot is pretty awesome too!

Gonna Make Ya Pei-Pei


How did you get into Roller Derby?

I got into Roller derby in a round about way, I was doing a burlesque class and met a lady who was fresh meat at the time, she was so enthusiastic about it and after seeing a game, I could see why! It was so cool and exciting to watch, I wanted to be a part of it too, so I went to an open day back in August of 2011, signed up then and there, and haven’t looked back since

Describe what Roller Derby means to you.

Roller Derby means so many things to me, Its the only time in my life I have enjoyed sport! and physical exercise, sometimes I don’t recognise myself! But it came along at a time when I really needed something positive to focus on because I was recovering from a really shit time in my life, and even though learning to play derby was difficult and challenging for me, it gave me something to believe in, and as clichéd as it might seem, it kind of saved me and I’m very grateful for that.

What is your favourite Roller Derby Memory thus far?

My favourite memory has got to be winning the most improved player award for my team Mascara Massacre for the 2013 season! I’m so proud of that award and I seriously NEVER thought that I would be the one to win it!

This is your first bout against an outsider team (non home season), what are you most excited about?

Its really exciting to play people not in your league, because I feel like its a great way to kind of see where your at with your skills, will all that stuff you do in training actually kick in on the track etc, also, It’s the first game where I will be taking a turn at jamming, which is exciting, but mostly terrifying for me lol

Any words for the opposing team Dangerous Curves?

My only words for Dangerous Curves are that I’m so excited to be meeting them on the track, I’m aiming to have a great time on Saturday and I hope you are too, I’m also aiming to leave you with some bruisey souvenirs



10394508_10152551058237287_716533404070311100_n1.When did you start derby and what were your initial motivations for taking it up as a sport?

I started Freshmeat mid 2011 and then joined the league and began playing in 2012. I went to my first Pirate City Rollers game in 2009 and was blown away by the speed and aggression, and also found appeal in how unique Roller Derby was and that it was a sport in which females dominated. I was to chicken to join freshmeat at the time so a couple years passed before I joined with my bestie Lady Trample. I always want to improve and be a better player than I currently am, so I am constantly kicking myself for not starting to skate earlier.

2. What is the meaning behind your name and number?

I Major in Anthropology and Minor in Ancient History and I really love Ancient Egypt. It seemed obvious to pick a derby name that was reflective of my interests so I went with TutanKarnage which is a play on Tutankhamun, an Egyptian pharaoh from the eighteenth dynasty (which is why my skater number is 18). Typically I just go by Karnage as it’s less of a mouthful.

3. What is the greatest thing you have taken away from derby to date?

Derby has given me so much, so it would be hard to choose just one thing. Derby has given me some amazing lifelong friends that I otherwise might have never met. It has given me self-confidence and the drive to improve and push myself. It has also taken me overseas to Hawaii and to Australia as well as around New Zealand.

4.What are some of your personal strengths and how have these benefited you in derby?

I like to think that I am a strategic thinker which translates on the track as being able to read opposition game play and then suggesting how to best combat it. I’m also quite an observant person which helps me pick up on habits and body cues of opposition, as well as being able to observe and play on the strengths in my team mates.

5.Roller derby has been considered one of the fastest growing female sports. Where do you see the future of derby?

For New Zealand roller derby I would love to see more, if not all roller derby leagues become WFTDA (Womens Flat Track Derby Association) members, the benefits of becoming WFTDA members are immense including the ability to become internationally ranked. I would also like to see regular international game play for New Zealand leagues. Playing different teams is important for the improvement of strategy, game play and skills, because New Zealand is a small and relatively isolated country, playing international teams does not happen as often as I’d like.
Ideally the biggest goal for roller derby would be to see it performed on a global scale such as at the Olympics. I would love to see international and local derby players be able to go professional and make full time careers out of the sport. Roller Derby is not yet recognised as a sport in New Zealand and it is important to me that the sport that I love gets the respect and recognition it deserves.

Stone Cold Beretta


How long have you been involved with Roller Derby?
I went to a Pirate City Rollers open day in August 2011 after attending one of the games earlier in the year. I came away with legs like jelly and a desire to get involved. I went through the freshmeat course, which was both challenging and satisfying. Once I was in the league in 2012, Mascara Massacre asked me to play with them for their last few games of the year. I stayed in the team and played with them all through 2013, and now theres a brand new team to be a part of.

What does Roller Derby mean to you?
Roller derby is a fantastic way to exercise, working out both body and mind – learning strategy and putting it into play is one of the challenges of the sport and it compliments the physical aspect. I really enjoy working on elements of skating and seeing them improve, derby is also a great way to relieve stress!
It’s a very social sport, both within a league and between leagues in other cities and countries.

You’re the alternate Captain of the new team, whats been the biggest challenge in setting up the new team?
Working on strategy I think, deciding on our team strategies and practising them. We’ve been helping each other understand and really trying to communicate on the track. The team is picking everything up really quickly and we’re all enjoying working as a team.

What about this first game excites you most?
It’s going to be amazing for our team! It will be the first game for a couple of the girls, so I’m excited that we can be there to support them and I’m sure we will all have a great time!