Mind the Yap

10421511_10152535863162287_6081541384398455695_nHow did you get into roller derby?
I got into roller derby through Gonna make ya Pei-Pei while she was working at Auckland Hospital. She put up some game posters and I thought it looked awesome and wanted to try it! Luckily there was a freshmeat course starting the following week and I’ve never looked back

What did you expect getting into roller derby? And what was the most surprising thing you came to learn about derby?
I expected it to be hard and rough and it has met my expectations! It’s a lot of fun though and you never notice the bruises until the day after. The most surprising thing was that all those amazingly good, intimidating skaters are actually really nice and will help you any time you need!

What’s the greatest challenge you have had to overcome so far?
My greatest challenge so far has been my first game against Mount Militia. I was so nervous! I was terrified I wouldn’t be any good but it was the most fun I’ve ever had and I’m so proud of our team

What is it about roller derby that keeps you coming back?
The adrenaline rush!

What would your advice be for future freshmeat?
Practice makes perfect! Don’t give up, that ridiculously difficult T stop will soon come naturally! Freshmeat is only the begining of all the fun to be had