Mad Kao

This weeks #PCRskateroftheweek is the fantastic and feisty Mad Kao of The Broadside Brawlers! She’s unfortunately been down with an injury this season, but is by no means out of the game, she has been working hard on her recovery and hopes to be back with a vengeance soon! we’ve been missing you Mad Kao!10624720_10152701739787287_7344155682044540498_n

How did you get into roller derby?
Pretty much because the of movie “Whip it”, when it came out in 2009. I was in Wellington but couldn’t join at the time because Upper Hutt is just way too far away and costly to travel from Tawa, instead, I volunteered at all their bouts and watched as many games as i could. When i moved up to Auckland in January 2010, I found out the pirates have an open day on the February so i joined immediately.

What is the meaning behind your name and number?
Kao is my surname. Mad Kao is the nick name I gave myself since my art school days, I am not a naturally enthusiastic person, I give-up and get bored of things fairly easily, so I suppose it’s a way to remind myself to always be passionate, motivated and obsessed with my art and anything I do. 92 is my grand mum’s age when I last visited her, she just celebrated her 97th. I really should go see her like last year! and it’s also my birth date. ha. I could not think of a number so birthday it is.

What is your favourite aspect of derby?
Adrenaline makes me happy!!! Derby Girls are so motivated and inspiring. I like how we push each other to overcome our fears (mine is jump with both feet off the ground) we cheer shout for each other in the training or when we endure the pain and fatigue from running the 27 laps within 5 minutes, and people derby clap for me after I run the whole 2 minutes Jam as a Jammer. I love that it’s a serious team sport, and I don’t want to be a liability for my team, I can only push myself to be a better team player.

What is your secret hobby outside of derby that most people may not know?
I used to do fire dance, pole dance and Tai-chi. Nobody is there to push me and I don’t feel the need to get better so slowly lost interest in them after hitting several snags. However I’m still doing my craft – leather tooling and bag making on the side line, every now and then I run weekend workshop.

What was your proudest derby related moment?
The biggest one is Winning Black Dahlia Cup 2013 with my Home team Dead Wreck. I have had a lot of happy moments tho, every time I managed to knock people out of bound, delayed an opponent’s jammer passing through my pack, helped my jammer break through the wall. Generally I would feel proud when I can apply my training on the track instead of skating like a Canine chasing a Cat.