LEE-thal Weapon

This week’s #PCRskateroftheweek is our wonderful All Scar blocker (and herder of cats) LEE-thal Weapon!10580016_10152691312792287_5961898236543513869_n
How did you get into roller derby? 
A friend from my Dragon Boating team asked if I’d be interested in coming along when our 2012 season finished. I found my old roller hockey skates and we attended Maiden Voyage at Papatoetoe Skating Rink (which has now been pulled down!). 2013 was my first bouting year with my home team Dead Wreckoning and I also made the All Scars travel team that year.

What is the meaning behind your name and number? 
I had it narrowed down to 2 names when another PCR League member (C-3P-Owned) suggested Lethal Weapon. I added an extra ‘e’ to incorporate my surname, which my family loved. ‘P-51 Mustang’ is an American long-range fighter-bomber aircraft, and a ‘Mustang’ is also a classic American Muscle car (and one of my favourites!). As my family are into both airplanes and Ford Mustangs, we decided on P-51.

What is your favourite aspect of derby? 
Anybody of any size, shape, ability and age can play. There are no boundaries when it comes to roller derby. Roller derby also gives you a family of long-time friends.

What is your secret hobby outside of derby that most people may not know? 
My family! We do a lot together like snowboarding, Waka Ama, riding our motorbikes, playing games, swimming, rugby, working on our cars and just generally hanging out and having fun.

What was your proudest derby related moment? 
Getting that ‘nailed it’ smile from another skater (especially freshmeat) when you help them understand a move or skill. Being part of the 2013 winning team for the Black Dahlia Cup (PCR home season) and Derby Royale national team was pretty awesome.