Copright: Rien Croonenborghs
The Pirate City Rollers’ All Scars at the 2013 Derby Royale national tournament. Copyright: Rien Croonenborghs

Modern roller derby as we know it began in 2001 in Austin, Texas, with the start of the banked-track Texas Roller Derby league.

In 2006, an American skater by the name of Black Dahlia brought her skates with her during her trip in New Zealand and established the Pirate City Rollers, the first roller derby league outside of the Northern Hemisphere.

The Pirate City Rollers has since gone from strength to strength, having competitive “Black Dahlia Cup” home seasons since 2007 and interleague games and tournaments since 2009. Their bout against Richter City Roller Derby was New Zealand’s first game between leagues from two different cities, and they took out the competition with a 174-88 win.

A year later, the Pirates were the only league from New Zealand to field a team at the first ever Great Southern Slam in Adelaide in June 2010, placing a respectable 4th out of 15 leagues. In 2011, ten Pirates were selected as coach, assistant coach, manager and skaters of Team New Zealand for the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup where the team placed 8th out of 13 countries. That same year, the Pirate City Rollers became an apprentice member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, the first New Zealand league to do so. They again made history when they graduated to full membership in September 2013.

If you would like information on how to start your own league in New Zealand, or if you would like to join Pirate City Rollers as a skater, referee, game official or helper, contact us for information.

2013 Home Season champions Dead Wreckoning with the Blackheart Bruisers
2013 Home Season champions Dead Wreckoning with the Blackheart Bruisers. Copyright: James Yang Photography

2013 All Scars Travel Team scores
February PCR 192 v Richter City Roller Derby (Wellington) 194
March PCR 276 v Dead End Derby (Christchurch) 74
May PCR 189 v Richter City Roller Derby (Wellington) 223
July PCR 162 v Victorian Roller Derby League’s Queen Bees (Melbourne, Aus) 202
July PCR 252 v Pacific Roller Derby (Hawaii, USA) 58
August PCR 80 v Northern Brisbane (Brisbane, Aus) 211

October Derby Royale national tournament
PCR 153 v Dead End Derby (Christchurch) 21
PCR 212 v Hellmilton Roller Ghouls (Hamilton) 18
PCR 302 v Taranaki Roller Corps (Taranaki) 19
PCR 211 v Kawerau Roller Derby (Kawerau) 17
PCR 134 v Swamp City Roller Rats (Palmerston North) 58
PCR 279 v Auckland Roller Derby League (Auckland) 120

2013 Home Season scores
Mascara Massacre 200 v Blackheart Bruisers 67
Dead Wreckoning 151 v Blackheart Bruisers 132
Dead Wreckoning 227 v Mascara Massacre 91
Mascara Massacre 118 v Blackheart Bruisers 172
Dead Wreckoning 151 v Blackheart Bruisers 132