Halloween Quiz Night – 3rd Nov

From dusk we shift from sight to murk
And in these hours we turn our frowns to smirks
Old knowledge we seek, old knowledge we keep
We invoke the night and summon thee

On the third day of the eleventh month
We gather hence and fill our cups
Merry cheers and wits to share
The Feast of the Dead, come forth if you dare

Halloween just came twice this year.

The Pirate City Rollers are celebrating Halloween at the Thirsty Dog with a themed quiz night! From horror movies to common knowledge about the undead, think you got what it takes to claim the sweet, sweet prizes?

Bring your creepy friends and register your group on the night. $5 per head with a maximum of 4 people/ creature per team. What do you have to lose? *evil chuckle*

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