Gonna Make Ya Pei-Pei


How did you get into Roller Derby?

I got into Roller derby in a round about way, I was doing a burlesque class and met a lady who was fresh meat at the time, she was so enthusiastic about it and after seeing a game, I could see why! It was so cool and exciting to watch, I wanted to be a part of it too, so I went to an open day back in August of 2011, signed up then and there, and haven’t looked back since

Describe what Roller Derby means to you.

Roller Derby means so many things to me, Its the only time in my life I have enjoyed sport! and physical exercise, sometimes I don’t recognise myself! But it came along at a time when I really needed something positive to focus on because I was recovering from a really shit time in my life, and even though learning to play derby was difficult and challenging for me, it gave me something to believe in, and as clich├ęd as it might seem, it kind of saved me and I’m very grateful for that.

What is your favourite Roller Derby Memory thus far?

My favourite memory has got to be winning the most improved player award for my team Mascara Massacre for the 2013 season! I’m so proud of that award and I seriously NEVER thought that I would be the one to win it!

This is your first bout against an outsider team (non home season), what are you most excited about?

Its really exciting to play people not in your league, because I feel like its a great way to kind of see where your at with your skills, will all that stuff you do in training actually kick in on the track etc, also, It’s the first game where I will be taking a turn at jamming, which is exciting, but mostly terrifying for me lol

Any words for the opposing team Dangerous Curves?

My only words for Dangerous Curves are that I’m so excited to be meeting them on the track, I’m aiming to have a great time on Saturday and I hope you are too, I’m also aiming to leave you with some bruisey souvenirs