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Do you welcome all genders? 
The Pirate City Rollers pride themselves on being an inclusive organisation, and as such are welcoming of all cis-, trans- and gender-expansive individuals. We currently have members encompassing all of these categories, and regularly seek feedback from them to ensure our league is a welcoming and safe place for all. Our juniors program welcomes individuals of all genders from the age of 8. Our adult program is welcoming of all gender-expansive individuals, and is keen to accommodate anyone we can. We subscribe to the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association) gender policy, which states anyone may “play WFTDA derby if it is the type and composition of roller derby with which they most closely identify”. In essence, this means that we operate on a policy of self-definition and if you feel that you fall within that category, you are welcome to play for one of our teams (and we will defend your right to do so!).

If you define outside of that (e.g. as male) then you are still welcome to join our league, but unfortunately you will be limited to participation in a non-competing role (i.e. as a coach, official, volunteer or other position). However, some of our league members are currently keen to start a MRDA (Men’s) Team in Auckland. As such, in future we are hopeful that there will soon be opportunity for men to play Roller Derby competitively in the region. If you would like to be involved with this, please CONTACT US and we can put you in touch with those spearheading this initiative.