Drop the Pom



How did you get into Roller Derby?

I loved skating as a kid and found out that roller derby as featured in Whip It actually existed for reals! So I googled it and joined fresh meat.

What impact has roller derby had on your life?

My fitness is increasing and it’s helped me have the guts to try other stuff too like throwing myself down hills on a mountain bike and snowy hills on a piece of wood. Happiness – how can you fail to be happy when you have wheels strapped to your feet!?

What is your most memorable moment in roller derby thus far?

Playing against @vagineregimeaoteroa in the game we put on for pride. It was my first game and we played against some amazing skaters such as Princess Slayer and Invisigirl. My partner and all my friends were there to cheer us on and it was very special.

Being an inaugural member of the Broadside Brawlers, what is your 
favourite aspect of being a part of this team?

The team is really supportive of each other and we’ve had the chance to travel and play teams around NZ. I love the fun aspect of dressing up and wearing my war paint, grrrr! We go out to play hard and have a ball!

Who in the derbyverse inspires you and how?

Kid Vicious because she’s always so fricken happy and she skates like a boss and is super supportive all the time! And Gonna Make Ya Pei-Pei coz she’s like that chumbawumba song – she gets knocked down but she gets up again and again and again and again – she just keeps going!