Contacting Pirate City Rollers

There are a few ways of getting in contact with us here at Pirate City Rollers. For specific enquiries you can email the appropriate committee contact address from those below. Or you can use the contact form at the bottom of this page and your enquiry will be directed appropriately.

We can also be reached via Twitter or Facebook.

Board of Directors –

  • Amanda “Ballistic Button” Hawkes
  • Amy “Stone Cold Beretta” Raine
  • Andrea “PNut Butt Her & Jam” Kelly
  • Angela “Bomb Appetit” Clapperton
  • Daniel Fowles – Susan Mikulicic – Celia “Crash Test Honey” Langabeer and Coup D’eTalia

Business and – Ruth “Ruthless Doom” Victoria Frances

Coaching and – Leah “TutanKarnage” Morris and Murielle “Sugar Hit” Joyce

Events – – Amery “Atomic Candie” Carriere and Lynzy “O’Burn Riot” Martin

Media, Art, Website and Social Media – – Nikki “Nikalicious Vicious” Henderson – Marlow “Purple Parfait” Woodman Edwards and Neil “Dovenwolf” Fraser

Wellness – Joe “Tintin” Gatland and Kellie “Thumper” Hinton