2016 Home Teams Announced!

The Pirate City Rollers are proud to announce our home teams for the 2016 season!

Mascara Massacre: Shehard - Papercut - Sugar Hit - Baby Slice - Kid Vicious - C3P0wned - Jem Molition - Drop the Pom - Kellie Hinton - Ruthless Doom - Zoomin Noomin - Linda Shovelace - Jack the Rip-Her - Ballistic Button - Crash Test Honey - Manic Street Creature 12491954_10153616233931130_2897293575846169749_o 12605474_10153616233956130_3790766695142897924_o

Home team games are where the Pirates really mix it up in the essential grass-roots of Roller Derby. There’s a lot of love and friendship in the Derby scene – watch it get set aside and steamrolled over as past grudges are unearthed, old wounds are mercilessly prodded and ancient scores are settled on the track in four relentless heats. Will the Blackheart Bruisers viciously trample the opposition and leave carnage in their wake to take the Black Dahlia cup for the 3rd consecutive year? Will Dead Wreckoning keep on misbehavin’ to destroy the track with 16 lethal lasses in full warpaint? And will Mascara Massacre shove past the vicious crunches, ballistic crashes and ruthless hits that doomed them to have just 8 players left standing by the ending bell of the grand final? Only one way to find out!

We welcome a lot of fresh faces this season with a brand new batch of Freshmeat grads, some seasoned pirates returning to the fold, the introduction of our junior Derby players and even a top-level transfer from the capital city. It’s gonna be a thrilling season of killer Roller Derby for New Zealand’s biggest and loudest league, folks, and we’re stoked to have you along for the ride!

The Pirate City Rollers 2016 home season kicks off on the 21st of February at the Trusts Stadium in Henderson. Be there if you’re not a landlubber!

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