Roller Derby Double Header + Jammer Bootcamp

Come along for a derby filled day with a boot camp and a double header with teams from Mount Militia and Swamp City.

Saturday August 20th
ASB Stadium
237 Kohimarama Rd, Kohimarama

Jammer Boot Camp – 12.30pm
Broadside Brawlers vs Mount Militia Derby Crew – 5pm
All Scars vs Swamp City All Stars – 7.30pm

2x Bouts – $15 on the door, $10 advance at under the radar.
Jammer Boot Camp – $40
Boot Camp and 2x Bouts – $50

Get ready for an awesome afternoon of Roller Derby filled with skills and spills!

See you there!

Facebook Event

Quiz Night at the Thirsty Dog Tavern

Ahoy ye matey!
Come join us for our monthly fundraising quiz night every 2nd Thursday of the month with the first one:

Thursday 11th August
Thirsty Dog Tavern

There will be prizes, lame jokes and much fun to be had.
3 rounds, and each with 10 questions. Round 2 will be our special theme round. Keep an eye on the Pirate City Rollers page for hints on what the theme will be 😉
$10 per team. No more than 4 people per team.
See you there!

Dead Wreckoning vs Blackheart Bruisers + Fresh Meat Open Day!

Come along to our home game between Dead Wreckoning and Black Heart Bruisers!

Sunday 31st July
Trusts Arena, Henderson

Plus: Ever wanted to give Roller Derby a go? Here is your chance! Watch our home game, Dead Wreckening Vs Black Heart Bruisers then join us for a skate!

Dead Wreckoning vs Blackheart Bruisers Facebook Event
Fresh Meat Open Day Facebook Event

$5- Watch the game and stay for open day
$10- Watch the game and stay for open day PLUS gear hire

BYO whatever gear you can:
Elbow and knee pads
Wrist Guards
Quad Skates

The FM course will begin the SUNDAY following (No weeknight session that week) and continues for the 12 weeks following. The course will be on Sunday afternoons and a weeknight 7-9, either Tuesdays or Thursdays TBC. More information available at the open day (incl costs involved).

Besides catching our games, are you working your way toward becoming the ultimate Pokémon Go master? You’re in luck! There’s a Pokéstop at the Trusts Stadium, so come and catch the game – and train your Pokémon while you’re at it!

Northland vs Auckland in Whangarei Saturday 23 July!

Not doing anything this Saturday?  Come up to Whangarei and cheer on our Pirate City Rollers.


Northland Nightmares’ Hells Wives take on Pirate City Rollers’ Broadside Brawlers for their annual matchup!

So getcha selves along to witness some derby epicness on Saturday July 23rd at ASB Stadium, Kensington!

Doors open at 2.50pm and Northland’s Junior Mixed team taking the track at 3.15pm.

Then it’s Hells Wives vs Broadside Brawlers at 4pm followed by the after party at McMorrisseys Irish Bar!

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for kids and Under 5’s are free. Door sales are cash only.

Team NZ Squad Announced!

The 2014 Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup is coming up quickly, with only 7 weeks left until competition time! For the past nine months 30 of the top roller derby skaters from around NZ have been working hard in the Team NZ Training Squad in preparation for the Cup. They’ve been participating in monthly team trainings around the country, fundraising for the trip to Dallas, Texas, and cross training every moment they could spare in their busy lives. Last week the final squad of twenty who will be traveling to Dallas were announced. We’re stoked to say the final squad hosts four Pirates – Terror Satana (who will also be captaining the team!), Lady Trample, Jordan Leah Parore (commonly known as Skate the Muss), and Coup D’eTalia all made the cut!

Congratulations to all the squad members, safe travels and best of luck at the World Cup! We will all be cheering you on!

Team NZ Travel Squad

Sur5al Worlds is Complete!

Another Sur5al down and the Pirates had a great showing! Team Argentina, with TutanKarnage, Machete Confetti, Sugar Hit, Lady Trample, and Coup D’eTalia, took out the tournament for the second time this year! Terror Satana, playing for Team Wales, took out Best Blocker, and her team placed third overall. Our referee Zephyr, playing with Team England who came second, was also awarded Best Jammer. Best dressed skaters Myrtle Kombat and Rick O’Shay were also formidable and an asset to their side, Team South Africa. And of course our ever smiling Head NSO Purple Parfait as well as our cool, calm and collected referee Dovenwolf helped to officiate the fast paced day. Congratulations to everyone, and thank you Whenua Fatales Roller Derby League for another fantastic event.sur5al


Skate the Muss

In #skateroftheweek this week, we catch up with the Amazing Skate The Muss!! Always a crowd favourite, she is incredible to watch on the track and we are so proud to say that she has been selected to represent New Zealand at the world cup in Texas, where we know she will do us proud! She is also a fantastic coach, always happy to pass on her considerable knowledge and skill to all in the league.
Here’s what she has to say.10609561_10152758660387287_5634224864567323022_n


How did you get into derby?
I got into Roller Derby through my sister Terror Satana back in 2007.

What do you do to stay derby fit? 
To stay fit and on my game I like to go to the gym and do group fitness classes for cardio and I also train once a week at the Strong factory with a PT, oh yeah and I am a postie so that keeps me reasonably fit as well.

What has been your greatest achievement in derby so far?
I would say that my greatest achievement in derby so far would be attending the first Roller Derby World Cup in 2011 in Toronto where I was selected as MVP for New Zealand, that was pretty overwhelming and huge in my books.

What is the best thing about having your sister as a team mate/league mate?
The best thing about having my sister playing with me not only in PCR but the New Zealand squad too is knowing that she is always going to have my back no matter what goes down. I also love skating against her because she is an intimating skater and I love a challenge. She would probably be one of the biggest ones in New Zealand.

Machete Confetti

This week in #skateroftheweek we meet the delightful Machete Confetti! She is a talented Jammer/blocker for the All Scars, and an all round smiley, positive member of the league. She always has an encouraging word or two for fresh and seasoned skaters alike. Find out all about her right here.10626585_10152732077312287_6110467073708424278_n
How did you get into derby?
I moved to Cairns in 2011 and didn’t know anyone so I joined the Reef City Roller Girls to make friends. I’ve made more friends since moving to PCR, but I was still RCRG’s biggest fan girl when they took out Div 2 at TGSS this year.

Who inspires you most?
I love watching international derby games and then trying to pull the same spins as Hauss the Boss, or smash through a wall like Knock Knock. But I’m also inspired by the latest batch of Fresh Meat who have just graduated and are doing incredibly in their games and scrimmage. They’re working so hard and it makes me want to work hard too.

What is the meaning behind your name and number?
I have to thank Howard Moon, Vince Noir, Naboo and Bollo for end result. I just thought that “Machete” was a great word and then I watched this episode of Mighty Boosh and it all fell into place. And 11 was my waterpolo number (you only have 13 options).

Favourite aspect of derby?
So many! The people I play with, the constant challenges, the travel, competing against each other and teams from around NZ and the world, winning of course and just being on skates.

What is your secret hobby outside derby?
Shameless plug alert: I volunteer for Sea Shepard NZ. I haven’t been down to Antarctica, but also very important is the fundraising I help out with to buy the petrol to power the boats. We do lots of stalls around the place so come and say hi and buy some Sea Shepard merch to break up your derby t-shirt wardrobe.


In Skater of the week we get to know the fantastic  sheHARD!! Elected captain of The Broadside Brawlers, She has yet to play with them, having been overseas for a few months after helping to get them up and running, but she is back in just a couple of weeks and ready to skate her heart out!! Here is what motivates her .10689578_10152716563377287_2630822317286949479_n


How did you get into Roller Derby?
It was something I knew about for awhile then about 4 years ago I went to watch a game and the next day I was in fresh meat.

What makes roller derby special to you? 
Roller Derby gives back to you exactly what you put in it. the whole thing top to bottom is run by skaters. So you don’t like how your league is being run, you have a say, you can sit on the board. you might not always get your way but the path is open to you. The same is true with the skating, everybody there wants to help you get better, but if you miss every other training and don’t do any cross training, there’s a high chance your not going to make the A squad.

What opportunities has roller derby provided that you otherwise might not have come across? 
Roller Derby has actually taken me all over the world. In June this year I went to Adelaide to attend The Great Southern Slam as a challenge skater, then in July I went to Las Vegas to attend the Rollercon, the worlds biggest derby convention. I’ve traveled all over England and New Zealand, to watch games, play games take part in boot camps or open scrimmages.

Who inspires you in the Derbyverse? 
The London Roller girls, as a league they decided their aim was to be the best team in the world, they have put everything towards that goal. In the last 5 years they have climbed to number 3 in the WFTDA rankings. The London Roller girls are great examples of the results team work, focus, and dedication can bring.

What is your proudest moment in derby? 
Being made captain of the Pirates newest team, The Broadside Brawlers. Its been really amazing to be a part of something from the beginning and to be given the opportunity to help other skaters achieve their goals.